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If you look older than you are, if you are suffering from neck and shoulders pain, insomnia, migraines, tinnitus, poor aesthetic facial and dental outcome, narrow smile, small teeth:


SMILE LIFT® is a new revolutionary technique developed by Dr. Habib Zarifeh; DDS- MS in Oral Surgery- MSC in Laser Dentistry - Aachen University AALZ - RWTH – Germany, and the head of the Dental Division of Clemenceau Medical Center affiliated with Johns Hopkins International. In our quest for treating signs of aging, improving oral health, and giving our patients a youthful look.
Smile Infinity® Dental Clinics Affiliated, are the exclusive providers for the Smile Lift® procedure worldwide. We are located in Lebanon, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United States of America (USA), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Iraq, Bahrain, Tunisia, and Senegal.

OUR MISSION is to change patient’s lives through our exclusive anti-aging procedures. We are committed to improve our patients’ health and appearance while they experience a 7 stars’ exceptional service.

OUR VISION is to exceed our patients’ expectation and promote a lifelong relation with all our patients, through continual update in our dental procedures, technologies, and infection control.

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Smile Lift® is more than cosmetic dentistry; it is an anti-aging procedure that actually works on improving both the chin and jaw size, correcting overbites, solving TMJ Problems, enhancing facial profile, and widening your smile. With Smile Lift® the goal is to create youthful looks in a natural way, for that each patient is reviewed separately, by taking into consideration face’s shape, teeth color and size, skin tone, and age. Getting a Smile Lift® can be more effective than Botox, fillers, or plastic surgeries. The technique will take 10 years off your face within 2 visits only. It is a non-surgical treatment, done with no pain, no anesthesia, and no teeth drilling.

  • As we age, the loss of collagen and elastin results in the appearance of wrinkles, while the loss of jaw bone and muscles results in gum recession, teeth sensitivity and mobility. By that, the lower third of the face starts to collapse. During a Smile Lift®, your specialized dentist will restore your vertical dimension by correcting your bite. Patients’ in need for bite-correction will suffer from symptoms that can vary from headaches, pain in your jaw, muscle tension, collapsed bite, snoring, insomnia, teeth grinding, and jaw clicking. With Smile Lift® the over-bites, under-bites, cross-bites correction and TMJ problems are solved through CAD-CAM inlays, without any need for braces or surgeries. After 2 visits and within a range of 2 weeks after the treatment, the patient will feel an improvement in both appearance and health. Health wise, jaw tension is revealed reducing headaches, neck stress, and jaw’s clicking. According to appearances, significant change in chin size will occur after jaw correcting resulting in fuller lips, better proportioned, tighter and younger face shape.
  • Anti-aging dentistry is a treatment done to restore the lower third part of the face. It usually focuses on jaw and chin size, teeth color, gum color or shape, missing or cracked teeth, and shortened teeth. Anti-aging dentistry is usually done by combining several procedures depending on patients’ case. Procedures might include veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening, crowns, or others. With Smile Lift®, all services are provided with a team of specialized dentists, anti-aging specialists, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons to improve your smile’s health and promote a beautiful youthful appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When the jaw is not aligned and the bite Is not correct, patient will look older. Ideal bite and jaw position will result in a younger face structure.
Since Jaw Repositioning is a part of the Smile Lift® Treatment, TMJ side effects including headache, neck pain and facial will eventually decrease.
Smile Lift® allows you restore a youthful appearance without the need for painful cosmetic surgeries, fillers, and Botox. The treatment minimizes wrinkles and sagging skin below jaw line or chin.
It will take off 10-15 years of aging from your face through our 2 visits non-invasive treatment!
In most cases snoring is a result of bite problems in which there will not be enough space for the tongue in the mouth, so while sleeping the tongue will be placed in the throat minimizing airway.
After bite correction, snoring will directly decrease.
Cosmetic Dentistry or veneers can’t help in giving you younger appearance. If bite is not corrected and TMJ problems are not solved, the patient will only get a white and nice smile yet with aged collapsed face.
Smile Lift® is a non-surgical treatment done with in 2 visits, your specialized dentist will do the correction through using CAD-CAM inlays, Mandibular repositioning trays, and other techniques.
Yes, you can get fuller lips without the need for fillers or any esthetic treatment. Usually, lips get thinner as we age but TMJ and bite problems can make them look squished, for that Smile Lift® can improve facial support resulting in less wrinkles and fuller lips appearance.
The treatment done is pain free with no need to anesthesia usage. Also your Smile Lift® specialized dentist will not drill your teeth to prevent any sensitivity occurrence.
The treatment done is pain free with no need to anesthesia usage. Also your Smile Lift® specialized dentist will not drill your teeth to prevent any sensitivity occurrence.
The treatment done is pain free with no need to anesthesia usage. Also your Smile Lift® specialized dentist will not drill your teeth to prevent any sensitivity occurrence.


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